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Birmingham Trivia Quiz

August 10, 2011

Think you know Birminghamlet’s see if you can do it without Google search.

1. Where was the first Birmingham, Alabama located?

2. How many Medal of Honor winners were from Jefferson County?

USS Birmingham

3. The World War I light cruiser USS Birmingham was famous for what reason?

4. What was the name of the first recorded male quartet?

5. What product was produced by the National Dope Company between 1909 to1911?

6. How many different theaters have operated in downtown Birmingham over the years?

7. Who founded the largest religious media network in the world in the Birmingham area?

Yankees broadcaster born in Birmingham

8. Born Melvin Israel in Birmingham, he was famous for the phrase “How About That!”

9. What town was the first county seat of Jefferson County?

1o. What song performed by the Glenn Miller Band about a place in Birmingham became one of the top hits of the World War II era?

11. What international community service club was founded in Birmingham in 1917?

12. Which current head football coach in the Birmingham area once won the Heisman Trophy as the best college football player in the nation?

13. What was the name of the only automobile made in Birmingham?

14. What was the first public building in Alabama to have air conditioning?

President Harding Rides Into Town

15. Who was the first recorded medical patient in Jefferson County?

16. How many neighborhoods are there in Birmingham?

17. Statistically, Birmingham earned this infamous title in 1894?

18. How did Alabama football teams get the nickname “The Crimson Tide?”

19. Where was the home of “Mr. Realee Good?”

20. What is the longest free flowing river in Alabama?

A New Era in Birmingham Politics

21. What club with over 7,000 members met at the Alabama Theater between 1933 and 1943?

22. What was the first enclosed mall in the Southeast and the fifth ever to be built in the United States?

23. Who was the first African-American mayor of Birmingham?

24. Two events in 1873 almost destroyed the new city of Birmingham – what were they?

25. What is the oldest surviving professional baseball field in the country?

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