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Tell us something we DON’T know (and win)

July 31, 2014
John Morse, publisher & contributor,

John Morse, publisher & contributor,

Much (really, all) of the rock-solid historical information you’ll be absorbing at the History Center’s quiz show, Can You Repeat That? has been mined from the website and then painstakingly tested for accuracy by the History Center and double-verified by bhamwiki’s publisher, Birmingham infomaniac John Morse (pictured here).

There is very little information of significance about Birmingham that has escaped mention in Morse’s online encyclopedia. But our dogged pursuit of historic truth requires that we admit that possibility. If you can tell us a significant fact or story of about Birmingham that has not yet appeared in, send your reply to for a chance at a discounted* ticket to Can You Repeat That? at the Virginia Samford Theatre Aug. 7!

Can_You_Repeat_InstagramBut maybe you aren’t aware of the show? Can You Repeat That? is the premiere of our first ever Birmingham history game show, featuring a dozen celebrity panelists, Mayor William Bell, and offering audience members chances to play along for some really great prizes. Tickets are $25 and available online at

Disclaimer – Discounts for stumping John Morse start at 20%.

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